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A Blog is (Re)Born

Hello everyone!  It is hard to believe it has been almost six years since the last time I wrote a blog post.  What!?!?! A lot has changed in those six years and especially in the past 12 months.  I plan … Continue reading

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Discovering Peace: Experiencing Life Like a Kid Again

I have become very interested in the topic of inner peace lately.  My interest in this topic is due to my own inner exploration.  From that I have found that I have a desire to help others discover more peace … Continue reading

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Teaching Peace to Children

Bloggers for Peace April Challenge: Publish a post on how to teach children peace. How do we raise children to be peaceful? What do children need to know about peace? How do we teach them what peace means? Once again … Continue reading

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Stumbling My Way to a Major Realization: Part 1, The Incident

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” ~ Buddhist proverb In a blog post from last June titled “Thankfulness Journal: An Indigo Bunting of Happiness” I made a statement that I believed that when we are ready for … Continue reading

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Hope Project India Revisited

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Gretchen McLaren and the awesome work she is doing with her Hope Project India – see original post.  For today’s post, I wanted to provide everyone with an update on how … Continue reading

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A Social Media Lesson from Hurricane Irene

*This blog post does not fit the stated goal of my blog exactly but this topic has been weighing on my mind and I knew I had to write about it. This past weekend was quite emotional for me.  This … Continue reading

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Job Creation Story 2 – Gretchen McLaren and The Hope Project India

Note:  This is Story 2 of a two-part series on the topic of job creation.  Story 1 focused on a new organization called Jobs4America that is focused on creating 100,000 customer service jobs in the United States by 2013.  Story … Continue reading

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Job Creation Story 1 – Jobs4America

Partly due to the work of Jonathan Fields, I have been thinking quite a bit lately about creativity.  Jonathan writes and speaks a lot about the power of creating.  Through exposure to Jonathan’s work I have recently realized how creativity … Continue reading

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Hello From Steve’s Thinking Space

Hello!  For those of you who do not know me already, my name is Steve Strother.  I have created this blog, Steve’s Thinking Space, as a place where I can write about things that are on my mind.  I have … Continue reading

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