Job Creation Story 1 – Jobs4America

Partly due to the work of Jonathan Fields, I have been thinking quite a bit lately about creativity.  Jonathan writes and speaks a lot about the power of creating.  Through exposure to Jonathan’s work I have recently realized how creativity can positively affect every aspect of our lives if we let it.  In this post, I am focusing on how creative approaches to job creation can help slowly but surely solve the unemployment issues that we face today – both in the United States and in the rest of the world.

The news is dominated these days with information about the struggling U.S. and world economies.  One of the key economic indicators that is getting attention is the high unemployment rate in the United States.  As I mentioned in my first blog post last week, it seems to me that negativity breeds negativity.  The more we hear about negative economic news, the more we live in fear of a poor economy.  As a society we start to spend more time preparing for the worst, when the worst is really not likely to happen especially if we all start thinking constructively and creatively about what we can do individually and collectively to bring about positive momentum.

To be honest, for all of my adult life, I have really only focused on my own employment and on that of my closest family and friends.  While I was concerned about those in less fortunate job scenarios I never really gave any thought about what I could do to help beyond occasionally contributing to various charities.  Recently though, a new question occurred to me.  For the first time I asked myself what I could do to help create jobs.  This is still an unanswered question for me but one that I consider frequently.

Since I do not yet have any of my own personal stories to tell regarding job creation, I wanted to share two stories I have found recently regarding organizations and individuals that are doing things to create jobs.  Story 1 (covered below) made the main stream media (yeah!).  Story 2 (to be covered in a later post), has not, but in my estimation deserves at least as much attention.

Story 1 – Jobs4America

Jobs4America is a recently formed organization formed with the goal of creating 100,000 customer service jobs in the United States by 2013.  This effort was just launched on Thursday, August 4.  I learned about Jobs4America via an article in the August 4 issue of USA Today.  The article goes on to say that the creation of 100,000 jobs will not go very far in helping the national unemployment rate which is now at 9.2%.  I disagree.  It is exactly this type of effort that is needed to start improving the economy.  100,000 new jobs equals 100,000 more people employed.  Period.  We need more efforts like this.  If 10 organizations were created each with the goal of creating 100,000 jobs then that would be 1 million new jobs.  Even creating just 1 new job is positive momentum.  I applaud the efforts of Jobs4America and look forward to learning about new organizations and individuals that are striving to create new jobs and therefore are putting together practical solutions that will help bring about economic improvement.

To learn more about Jobs4America:

USA Today Article

Jobs4America Website

What stories are you hearing related to job creation?  Please share in the comments section below.  I would love to hear from you!

I will publish Story 2 of this series early next week.  Story 2 will focus on Gretchen McLaren and her Hope Project India.  Gretchen is a jeweler from North Carolina who has traveled to India to help teach young girls and women the art of jewelry making so that they will have a marketable skill to support themselves after she leaves.  It is a remarkable story that I cannot wait to share!

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