Steve’s Thinking Space Update

daffodils blooming in March

Signs of Spring

Hello again!  It has been a while.

I have been thinking a lot about posting.  I have even written two posts that I never published.  I just couldn’t get them where I wanted them.  No worries though.  The content from them will show up in other posts at some point.

Since it has been some time since I last published anything here I thought I would write a quick overview regarding what my plans for this blog are in the near to mid-term future.  My plans can be organized into three main categories.

Category 1 – Inspiring Business Series

Some of you may remember that just under two years ago I started publishing a series about North Carolina businesses that I found inspiring in some way – the Inspiring Business Series.  I highlighted four NC business in that series (via four separate posts) but I unofficially stopped publishing these articles about one year ago.  I am going to bring that series back and will expand it beyond NC businesses (though NC businesses will certainly continue to be highlighted from time to time).  Next up to be featured in this series is Gretchen Bee Ranch in Seguin, TX.

Category 2 – Highlighting Interesting Projects

Going forward, when I learn of an interesting project that I feel deserves to be highlighted for some reason I am going to write a post about it here.  I might highlight projects for any reason but will likely choose projects that are doing something out of the ordinary in some sort of positive way – demonstrating compassion, promoting peace, helping people learn and grow emotionally or spiritually, etc.  The first of these projects to be highlighted will be the Mike Hrostoski’s Conference For Men which is scheduled to take place in San Diego, CA this April.  Stay tuned for more details.

Category 3 – The Quest for Inner Peace

This is the most general of the three categories.  It is also in line with other things I have mentioned an interest in via other posts on this blog.  What I want to do is focus on general concepts and activities that can be used to help people achieve a higher level of personal peace.  At first anyway, I will focus on things that I have tried and had success with but I will eventually branch out into concepts that I have not personally tried but that others have found helpful.  Anything that can help break the cycle of stress, worry, and anxiety that so many of us feel on a regular basis, and that therefore can help me/you with being more relaxed, centered, present has the potential to be covered at some point in a future Steve’s Thinking Space blog post.

I anticipate increased activity in my posting now that I have organized my thoughts and plans into these three categories.  If you can think of anything that would fit into any of these three categories that you would like to learn more about or that you think would work well for me to consider please let me know by leaving a comment!

With Peace and Gratitude,

Steve Strother

About Steve Strother

I am a student of life and therefore I am a lifelong learner. I believe we are all here to evolve spiritually and doing so, and helping others do so, is my ultimate quest. I currently write at The Road to Peace about people helping other people because I believe helping others is a path to peace and also spiritual growth. I am currently developing a coaching program to help men connect to joy in life - specifically through understanding the the characteristics they exhibit (and can access) through the four main masculine archetypes as well as through helping them connect more authentically to the feminine - both within themselves, in the world around them, and with women.
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3 Responses to Steve’s Thinking Space Update

  1. robvcase says:

    Reblogged this on robvcase's Blog and commented:
    My friend Steve has some great thoughts. Check out his blog

  2. Kim Olson says:

    Congrats, Steve, on getting your blog post finished!

    (And a bit jealous you’re seeing signs of spring when all is still snow covered here! 🙂


    • Thanks Kim! It took a while but I finally got it done. I hope to have another post ready by the end of the week so I am kind of on a roll. 🙂
      The spring weather is nice. It is still off and on though. We might get some ice this week (fairly unusual for this late in March). But it all pales in comparison to the winter that you have experienced. Talk to you soon!

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