Nature Word Association

Hello everyone!  It has been several months since I posted anything here at Steve’s Thinking Space but I am back.  You can expect several blog posts to follow – all related to nature and how, we as humans, can connect (or reconnect) with it.

Today’s post is actually my way of showing the results of a word association game that I played with my friends on Facebook.  In a Facebook post, I asked my friends to comment by leaving the first single word that came to their mind when they saw the word “nature”.  I received about 60 responses.  I then took those responses and used Wordle ( to create a word cloud.  I also saved the results in a Word document so that I can add to it later and create new  and extended word clouds on the same topic in the future.

And here is the result.  Enjoy!!

Please click on the image below to view the “nature” word cloud in full size.  It might take a few seconds for Java to load the page.

Wordle: Nature Association

With Peace and Gratitude,

Steve Strother

About Steve Strother

I am a student of life and therefore I am a lifelong learner. I believe we are all here to evolve spiritually and doing so, and helping others do so, is my ultimate quest. I currently write at The Road to Peace about people helping other people because I believe helping others is a path to peace and also spiritual growth. I am currently developing a coaching program to help men connect to joy in life - specifically through understanding the the characteristics they exhibit (and can access) through the four main masculine archetypes as well as through helping them connect more authentically to the feminine - both within themselves, in the world around them, and with women.
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