Hope Project India Revisited

Gretchen McLaren and her students

Gretchen McLaren and her students with The Hope Project India

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Gretchen McLaren and the awesome work she is doing with her Hope Project India – see original post.  For today’s post, I wanted to provide everyone with an update on how things are going for her with this project.

Gretchen is now well into her second month in India.  She has been working with a group of girls at an orphanage in Bangalore, India.  She has taught her new students some of the basic skills of speciality jewelry making and she is in the process of securing additional supplies (including locating a source of silver), making final plans in order to develop a jewelry line for the girls to produce and market, and has even been involved in teaching her students English (a challenge that is even bigger since the girls speak many different first languages).  If you have not visited the project website recently, Gretchen has posted photos, information, and brief bios for her 5 main students – Linu, Rupa, Lokeshwari, Abi, and Linsha. 

So strong progress is being made but there is still more to do.  Gretchen has recently launched Phase 2 of her Hope Project India fundraising campaign to help fund jewelry making supplies as well as silver to use for the making of the jewelry.  When Gretchen leaves India in about four months her hope is that these girls will have a sustainable jewelry making business that will help support them and their families for many, many years. 

If you are looking for a great project to support please visit Gretchen’s fundraising campaign website and contribute with a donation if you are able.  If you are not able to donate money then please help by passing on the information regarding her project and the fundraising campaign to your friends, family, coworkers, social network friends, or your other communities of involvement!  There are only 9 more days left for this fundraising campaign so time is of the essence!  Gretchen, her students, and I thank you for your interest and your support of The Hope Project India!

The Hope Project India – Fundraising Campaign, Phase 2


To follow Gretchen’s Hope Project Story as it unfolds:

Main Website: The Hope Project India

or on Facebook:  The Hope Project India

Special note:  I do not plan to make a regular habit of asking the readers of my blog to consider making donations to projects that I support, however I do feel strongly that The Hope Project India is a wonderful example of someone reaching out to a group in need and doing something extra to provide them with a lifelong interest and skill – one that her students can use to support themselves for years and hopefully their entire lives.  Gretchen has put her own life and career on hold in order to help these girls who before August were complete strangers to her.  I am inspired by Gretchen’s courage and her willingness to help others, and I hope by sharing her story I am helping to pass on this inspiration to others.


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