Inpiring Business Series: An Introduction


Innovation (Photo credit: Seth1492)

I will soon post the first installment in a new series of blog posts that I will be writing oriented toward inspiring, innovative, and positive focused businesses.  The main requirements for coverage via this series are that the business must be doing something that I find inspiring and innovative and that it must provide some positive benefit to the community that it serves.

Why am I doing this you might ask?  Well, first of all, it fits with the main mission of the StevesThinkingSpace blog.  Second, for a number of years I have seen fresh, interesting, positive facing, innovative businesses start-up in my home town of Concord, NC.  I have wanted to help these business succeed but have felt limited in my ability to do so – I can try to frequent them as much as possible, spending money with them where appropriate but one person’s business only goes so far to help a business succeed.  Now that I have this blog, with its focus on pointing toward positive things in the world, I see an opportunity to help positive and innovative businesses succeed by making others aware of them.   While several of the first highlighted businesses will be local to the Concord and Charlotte, NC area this series is not meant to be devoted strictly to businesses that are located near where I live.  I definitely see the potential for this series growing to cover business from around the nation and world in the future.

Please look for the first Inspiring Business Series post very soon.


Steve Strother

Inspiring Business Series Posts:

Trashed, A Creative Recycling Studio

Lotus Living Arts Studio

Sacred Grove Retreat


About Steve Strother

I am a husband/father/human being looking for ways to move past the status quo. I strive to find solutions; to find the positive; to celebrate the joyous, the just, and the inspirational. Living peacefully and compassionately in the present is my ultimate goal. I love to write! To learn more about me please visit my blog at
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3 Responses to Inpiring Business Series: An Introduction

  1. Can’t wait, Steve!

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